elevate is more than an influencer agency
we are the leaders in performance-based marketing for entertainment, arts, and culture
Influencer Activation
Inject your brand into the conversations of your target audience with our customized influencer campaigns.
Increase the reach of owned content by getting covered by the right influencers on the right platforms at the right time.
Conversion Tracking
Understand the true ROI of your campaigns with our reported campaign metrics across all platforms.
Inbound Marketing
Boost your SEO power with referral links from influencers' blogs and social channels.
Content Creation
Utilize our in-house production teams to partner with influencers and create custom branded content.
Media Placement
Activate influencers for a paid media campaign driving awareness, consideration and conversion.
We are strategists first.
as the leading entertainment, arts and culture direct-response influencer agency, we don't just activate audiences with targeted content, we help top brands, networks and studios create campaigns that achieve specific conversion-based metric goals.
what we do

elevate starts before standard influencer agencies and goes well beyond where most end. Utilizing our in-house marketing, data and production teams, we work directly with influencers to develop custom programs that not only follow brand standards but resonate organically and authentically within the target audiences.

how we do it

Being equally data-driven and creatively led, we begin by working with you to define primary and secondary goals contextualized with a brand, audience and competitive analysis. From here, we build an effective campaign narrative and outline the most impactful tactics to achieve our campaign’s metric goals.

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