Hulu – Roots


Promote and drive viewership for Hulu’s exclusive streaming rights to History’s re-imagined Roots mini-series. The agency activated top African-American influencers with an active voice in the community to spark conversation regarding Roots’ historical background and it’s relevance today. Influencers shared custom images and official media using the hashtag #RootsReborn.


The influencer campaign drove online discussion with Twitter polls, Hulu subscription giveaways, and custom video sharing that garnered 20.5K+ views. Secured an additional 104K impressions from an official cast member re-tweeting an activated influencer. The campaign garnered 3.5M+ total impressions and 32K engagements.

I can’t wait to watch ROOTS over the break! The entire series is now streaming on @Hulu. #RootsReborn #Ad
With this re-released series on @hulu, I am BLOWN AWAY. Let me know if you’ll be watching this holiday break! #RootsReborn #Hulu #Ad
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